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You deserve an agency that puts you first.

Perhaps you have discovered that hiring an agency is simply a better overall decision for your business. Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard some stories that leave you wondering if you made the right call.

We often hear from people who have been burned by previous agencies who want to know how TwoTone Creative is different. It’s a fair question and one we certainly don’t shy away from.

We have heard five major themes over the years from folks who are looking to leave their current agency.

1. Our agency is too slow.

Some historians estimate Leonardo Da Vinci spent 7–12 years painting the Mona Lisa. Unfortunately, we’ve heard stories of agencies spending similar amounts of time on a couple of Facebook posts.

All joking aside, our process at TwoTone prioritizes efficiency because we know your deliverables aren’t doing anything if they are stuck on some obscure to-do list. We believe the sooner you can get your website launched or digital ads posted, the sooner you can start serving all those clients who are knocking at your digital door.

2. I was billed additional money with no notice.

Surprise billing is way too common in the marketing industry—and it shouldn’t be that way.

Our billing is transparent and you will know where our time is spent each and every month. We talk about your budget and prioritize your projects each billing cycle so you get what you need within your spending parameters. We’ll work together to talk about overages proactively and plan accordingly.

3. I was left in the dark for days or weeks at a time.

We’ve never been able to understand this complaint. If you contact your agency, you deserve a response!

Despite these violations of common courtesy, agencies that “ghost” their clients or simply don’t communicate effectively are a real problem. Our process gives you direct access to our team and visibility of what we’re working on and any questions we may have or if decision-points are needed. You will know how things are going and will receive communication about your projects.

4. Our organization is not getting the results we need.

Results matter. If your marketing and design aren’t hitting the targets you’ve set, you might have the wrong coach for your team.

When we start working together, we’ll talk about your goals and expectations, and we’ll check in periodically to talk about results and where we need to optimize. Depending on the work we are doing, you’ll have access to a metrics dashboard where you’ll be able to see your marketing numbers in real time.

5. The agency lacks understanding of our brand, voice, and target audience.

Have you ever tried to open a can without a can-opener? We hope not, because it’s a messy, difficult, and downright dangerous process if you don’t have the right tool.

The same applies here. The agency you work with should be the one that is right for your goals, because anything else will be messy, difficult, and downright dangerous to your success.

At TwoTone we have a diverse team of creative designers, digital advertisers, and copywriters who are experienced in a wide variety of styles and industries. We don’t claim to know everything, but we are committed to being remarkable, relational, and resourceful, which means you can expect work that you’ll be excited to show your clients.

Ready for an agency experience you can feel good about?

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with TwoTone and let’s talk about the kind of team you need in your corner.

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