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TwoTone: A History

Founded in 2014, TwoTone Creative originally got our start making Christmas cards. But once the holiday season was over, we knew we had more to offer the world.

Thanks to many amazing relationships with local digital marketers, businesses, organizations, and friends, the TwoTone name began to spread like wildfire.

Though we’ve grown and expanded our service offerings over the years, our commitment to remarkable, relatable, and resourceful creativity has never wavered.

We work with a variety of clients big and small, helping them with strategy, design, marketing, business, websites, copywriting, branding, and social media.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

The TwoTone Team

Jenny headshot

Jenny Cross

Founder & CEO

As a child, I didn’t know what marketing was, but I did notice it in every grocery aisle. I remember one particular jar of spaghetti sauce whose jar and label had a unique shape. It was designed to look like it was bulging, giving the illusion that there was more sauce in that 12 oz jar than the rest of the competition. When I told my mom what I noticed, she smiled and complimented my eye for design. From that moment, I knew I wanted to create compelling content that made people stop and take a second look.

After studying visual communications at Truman State University, I always struggled with the idea of being called an “artist” or a “creative.” I wanted to create things that were visually compelling, but also useful and data-driven. I knew I could help those other spaghetti sauce companies.

With my degree, some agency experience, and a dream to create something of my very own to glorify God, TwoTone Creative was founded in 2014. We’ve grown rapidly and now work with organizations all over the United States and in a variety of industries.

I enjoy spending my days strategizing with clients new and old, caring for my team, and paving the way forward for our clients’ future – and our own. When I’m not in the office, you can find me spending time with my favorite human and husband, Jake, and our two daughters – Piper and Amelia.

Abby Goodenow

Senior Graphic Designer

Abby's ability to design quickly and creatively makes her the person to call when you need something done yesterday. She learns quickly, and her mind thrives when it is occupied with lots of ideas. She loves working on branding projects where she can let her creativity loose. Abby graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in graphic design. Following graduation, Abby went to school at Drake University and graduated with a master of arts in brand communication.

Abby is originally from Okoboji and loves to spend her weekends in the summer at the lake with family. Abby also loves to cook (she even created her own cookbook), and especially loves trying new recipes. In her free time, you can find Abby biking around Des Moines with friends, or watching the Food Network while enjoying a glass of wine.

Vanessa Van Gorp

Senior UX/UI Designer

Vanessa is our designer specializing in all things web-related. She earned her degree in graphic design from Dordt College and discovered her passion for digital design. Vanessa enjoys the challenge of web design because it is always developing and changing. She works to create user interfaces that complement the website's content for a seamless user experience.

Originally from Pella, she is a native Iowan and now enjoys being part of the Des Moines area community. She lives with her husband and their labradoodle. In her free time, you can find Vanessa reading, working on house projects, and exploring the city.

Rick Williamson

Creative Director

As our creative director, Rick employs his diverse array of skills and well-rounded design background to help us deliver top-notch work. You might find him discussing objectives with clients to generate clear creative strategies, or working with the team to ensure high-quality work for all our projects. He enjoys tracking how a company’s brand impacts their social perception and success. With an outstanding ability to learn new things quickly and adapt to change, he’s fascinated by how design is constantly evolving. Additionally, he’s skilled in working with tight timeframes, and he’s constantly noticing trends and new advancements in design.

Rick has always enjoyed being creative and active, so when he went to Central College in Pella, Iowa, he decided to study graphic design, psychology, and exercise science. Eventually, he realized his true passion was for design, and decided to focus on this area. In his free time, he enjoys staying active (through tennis, basketball, running, biking, etc.), hanging out with friends, visiting various breweries around Des Moines, and attending concerts.

Libby Schwers

Graphic Designer

Libby is a dedicated designer with an eye for detail. She is especially equipped in typography and uses her skills to convey client messages clearly and effectively. She enjoys working on a variety of design types, but brand identity is her favorite.

Libby always knew she wanted to have a career that would allow her to be creative at all times, so she decided to give graphic design a try. She fell in love with it and ended up pursuing a degree in graphic design from the University of Northern Iowa. When she’s not designing, she enjoys cooking, photography, thrift shopping and exploring the Des Moines area.

Grace headshot

Grace Maher

Account Manager

Grace is our master of organization and account management. She graduated from Drake University with her bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication, and is the go-to person for everything that TwoTone has to offer. She has the difficult task of keeping the rest of us on task - fortunately for all of us, she does this perfectly with her signature smile and can-do attitude.

The middle of 9 children, Grace loves spending time with all of her nieces and nephews and sharing her passion for chocolate milk with them. She loves travel, home improvement shows, and big cups of coffee in the morning.

Melanie Van Horn

Content Strategist

As our Content Strategist, Melanie helps craft what you want to say in the way you want to say it. With experience in social media management, feature writing, blog posts, and more, she’s passionate about connecting the dots between small details and big-picture ideas.

Whether you need a snappy tagline, a compelling email message, or a social media post that keeps people coming back for more, she enjoys transforming ideas into stories that impact and inspire. She’s in her element when she gets to revitalize tired, old ideas into fresh, new content, and loves tackling writing projects covering any topic.

A lifelong Iowa native, Melanie graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in public relations. Outside of work, she enjoys reading (or writing) a good book, collecting vinyl records, and exploring downtown Des Moines.

Emily Field

Digital Marketing Strategist

As our digital marketing specialist, Emily uses her personable, people-driven approach to understand our clients’ needs and create strategies that produce results. A true forward thinker, her creative mind loves analyzing how the digital world evolves and interacts with our everyday lives.

With her go-getter attitude, Emily will transform existing social and digital ads and research different approaches to make a greater impact. She’s passionate about tailoring strategic ads to reach specific target audiences and thrives when she’s surrounded by like-minded team members who share her creative drive.

Emily graduated from the University of Iowa (go Hawks!) and holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. When Emily isn’t executing campaigns for our clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her baby daughter, and their two labradors. You might find her enjoying red wine and crime podcasts, trying out new recipes on her family and friends, or exploring new restaurants and breweries around Des Moines.

Chloe Spoonemore

Executive Assistant

Chloe is our executive assistant, and works tirelessly to manage the everyday details of our team to keep us on track for success. Her detail-oriented approach makes her the perfect person to manage schedules, keep in touch with clients, and help our office environment run smoothly.

Chloe is passionate about taking the big ideas and goals of others and crafting a detailed plan to help them succeed. She thrives in fast-paced environments where she can collaborate with others, and she’ll be the first to help someone get organized or take initiative on whatever new project comes her way.

Chloe graduated from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she majored in Business Administration and Pre-Law. When she’s not coordinating the everyday details of life at TwoTone, she loves going on hikes, listening to music, attending concerts, and exploring new coffee shops.

Lisa Voth

Project Manager

As our project manager, Lisa helps us manage the fast-paced world of deadlines, due dates, and getting projects across the finish line. She enjoys developing and strengthening relationships with our clients and helps our team navigate the fine details of their requests.

Since joining the TwoTone team, Lisa loves contributing to our collaborative atmosphere and team-oriented culture, and she’s always willing to jump in and help. While she is a detailed-oriented person with an administrative mind, Lisa’s favorite type of work involves when she gets to be creative and use her problem-solving skills to serve our clients. She thrives when she can both collaborate and work independently.

Lisa attended Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas, where she majored in business. When she’s not helping us complete critical projects, she enjoys taking walks, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Serena Hilton

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Serena translates her lifelong passion for art and drawing into beautiful, eye-catching pieces for our clients. She loves incorporating big-picture ideas into well-organized designs, and creates content that gets our clients excited about their brand.

Her collaborative approach, personable attitude, and desire to keep learning new things in her field make her a vital part of our energetic team. Serena most enjoys illustration, print design, and animation.

Serena graduated with a BFA from Iowa State University (go Cyclones!), and is originally from Van Meter, Iowa. Outside of work, Serena enjoys reading, watching movies, or spending time with friends. Fun fact: she loves singing and dancing, and has been involved in choir, ballet, and musical theater.

Connor Moore

Senior Graphic Designer

Connor Moore is a senior graphic designer who brings a positive attitude and a creative perspective to everything he does at TwoTone. His experienced insight helps our clients get visually appealing solutions that elevate their brand to the next level.

Connor brings a logical, detail-oriented approach to his creations, and enjoys working with our close-knit team of creative-minded individuals. He especially loves design projects that incorporate branding and identity for all kinds of organizations.

Connor is originally from small-town Iowa, and graduated from Simpson College with a degree in corporate communications. Outside of work, you might find Connor spending time with his wife, their two children, and their cat, playing music, listening to his favorite podcasts, or biking around town.

Joseph Jackson

UX/UI Web Designer

If you’re looking for a website that captures your brand or business in a completely new way, Joseph is your guy. As a web designer, he loves the way his field allows him to integrate communication and visuals to represent the unique purpose of any brand or organization.

Joseph’s unbridled passion for creating and his 007 philosophy of work (optimistic and outgoing, 7 days a week) drive everything he does. From small, family-owned businesses to large companies, Joseph believes that every organization can make their mark on the world.

As part of the TwoTone team, Joseph provides cutting-edge design and marketing that helps emphasize the best parts of our clients’ brands and organizations. As he creates clean and concise websites, he makes clients feel heard and understood throughout the entire process. In addition to web design, Joseph loves to work in motion design and video production.

Joseph hails from Des Moines, Iowa, and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in graphic design and an emphasis in computer science. When not jamming to his favorite work playlist, Joseph enjoys playing basketball, spending time with family and friends, having deep conversations, or grabbing a bite to eat around the Des Moines area.

Sydney Canney

Social Media Strategist

In the ever-shifting world of social media, you need a pro who can help your organization stay on top of the latest trends. With the help of Sydney Canney, our social media strategist, you can leverage these growing platforms to make a lasting impact with your audiences and build your brand.

As our resident social media expert, Sydney provides innovative perspectives to help organizations achieve their goals through various social media platforms. Her highly organized approach ensures clients get the strategy they need, at the exact moment they need it. A natural people person, Sydney loves bouncing ideas off others and brainstorming tactics to help brands connect with their audiences.

Originally from Adel, Iowa, Sydney attended Central College in Pella and graduated with a degree in communications (along with minors in sociology and Spanish). When not creating the next viral social campaign, Sydney enjoys traveling, hiking, and exploring, and is always down for a concert or trying new foods and coffee shops.

Emmalee Rabe


As a copywriter, Emmalee taps into her passion for storytelling and strategizing to paint the picture you want with just the right words. She is always ready to solve problems, brainstorm new ideas, and revamp old narratives.

With sharp editing skills and writing experience in a variety of industries, she enjoys jumping into any project that allows her to express her creativity and research a diverse range of topics.

She is a recent transplant from northern Minnesota and a graduate from the University of Northwestern–St. Paul with a degree in writing. When she’s not at work, you can find her consuming true crime books, attempting to relive her choir days, and staying active on hikes with her dog and family.

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