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  • It gives you energy
  • It brings people together
  • It supplies you with necessary nutrients, like vitamins $ and ♥

And let’s face it‌.‌.‌.without it, you’re probably going to end up pretty hungry.

So let’s assume you’re going to steer clear of the junk food of the marketing world. You’ve decided to get some help from a certified marketing nutritionist—a chef in the world of communications, if you will.

How do you want them to help you?

Project - An Exquisite Meal

There are certain marketing deliverables that need a special project to complete. They are very involved, and so critical to your overall marketing plan that they inform everything else you do as an organization. A new website build, a logo/brand refresh, or a high-impact video are examples of this type of project work.

How it Works: You pay once for a large project, and then you savor the results of it for years to come.


  • You pay one price and get help with a big project that’s important to you.
  • You get top notch work at a fixed cost.


  • It’s only one piece of a larger marketing plan.
  • You might need long-term maintenance to keep things up to date.

Projects are a great way to get help if you have a team handling your day to day marketing needs but don’t have capacity to redirect your efforts to a big project like this.

Bundle of Hours - A Grocery Run

When you’ve got a few things on your list, and you need some help getting them home, a bundle of hours is your best friend. With 50 or 100 hours of time, creativity, and effort, you can add any number of ingredients to your marketing plan—from emails to social media to any number of website enhancements.

How it Works: You pay once for a block of hours that we can use for any creative projects you need cooked up.


  • There’s plenty of flexibility for anything you need.
  • You get access to an entire creative team.


  • Priority support is not included with bundle plans.
  • Hours may not cover everything you need in the time allotted.

Bundles work well for clients who have restrictive marketing budgets, but who need some support to quickly take them from where they are to where they want to be.

Retainer - Monthly Meal Plan

When you know your organization needs marketing support each and every month, it’s time to start getting more customized and consistent. Retainers give you strategy help, lots of support, and monthly blocks of hours to use on any marketing needs you might have.

How it Works: You pay monthly to get ongoing support from a team that knows how to serve up great marketing.


  • Your projects have consistent and priority support every month.
  • Marketing is handled by a team that knows your organization and process.
  • You get access to a whole suite of marketing experts.


  • Retainers require a set annual marketing budget.

Retainers are ideal for organizations that have ongoing needs—and want to avoid having to staff an entire marketing organization to fulfill them.

Need some guidance?

We’ve worked with organizations across the spectrum of industries and sales modalities, so we’ll help you look at the menu to share our recommendations for works and what doesn’t.

Book a free Discovery Call with TwoTone and we’ll help you find the right solution to your unique situation and goals.

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