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“Creative” folks aren’t well known for their sports analogies, but here’s one to chew on as you start shopping for an agency:

Great teams have great coaches, right? When you work with a marketing agency, you should be looking for a coach. Someone who can devise a strategy to win, who can help put you in the right positions, and someone who can call the right plays at the right time.

So how can you find the right coach/marketing agency for your team?

1. Offense, Defense, or Special Teams?

Want a recipe for dissatisfaction? Hire the best person in the world for the thing you don’t actually need. Would you hire an astrophysicist to make your breakfast? Probably not (unless his eggs Benedict are out of this world).

What are your goals? Website development? Marketing funnel generation? SEO help? Maybe it’s just one thing, or maybe it’s all of the above. Either way, you should have a list ready to make sure the team you are considering has experience in the area you need.

2. Wins and Losses

What’s the track record of the agency? How are their reviews? What social proof do they have that lets you know they will win for you? A solid agency will have a well-built website filled with testimonials of past satisfied customers, and plenty of Google reviews indicating they got the job done for their clients.

But should you blindly trust everything they say? More on this in point #4.

3. Coaching Philosophy

Great teams have great players and a common set of objectives and values. If you followed point #1, you know they have the expertise you need, but you also need to know that they will work well with your style of play.

Check out the about page of the agency you are looking at. Read any bios that are available. Is the owner focused on themselves, or on their team and their clients? Do their core values align with you and your organization?

4. Undefeated? Really?

Don’t fall victim to lofty promises on a website. No agency can guarantee Fortune 500 status in under two years for your terra cotta unicorn business. Sales pitches and promises are part of the game, but be wary of agencies that promise the world.

Want a coach in your corner, and team players who know how to get the job done?

Let’s talk and see if we’d be a good fit. Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with us today.

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