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Basecamp just launched their new branding. I wish that I could happily report our enthusiasm, but alas, that’s not the case.

Basecamp is central to our project management and client communication at TwoTone Creative. We are in and out of the platform dozens of times per day. We feel connected to the brand and we highly endorse the app. We’ve even created a Basecamp cheat sheet for our new clients so they can get acclimated quickly and efficiently.

Old Basecamp logo New Basecamp logo

The Style

The new logo style is quite minimalist and has a new and stark color – yellow. The choice to make the logo so basic (reminds me a bit of a designer’s first attempt at using the pen tool in Illustrator) doesn’t seem to jive with their recently updated pricing.

Matching the Value

Basecamp made the very large jump from $29/month to a whopping $99/month. Thankfully, they did let existing accounts be grandfathered in and keep their lower pricing plan with all the benefits of Basecamp. I wholeheartedly agree that Basecamp is indeed worth the $99/month investment. Unfortunately, the new branding screams “we’re cheap!” with the elementary design style.

Color Choice

I believe Basecamp’s branding would have been more coherent if it was black and white – sleek, professional, reliable. At the very least, moving to an upscale and modern color palette would communicate the value and sophistication that Basecamp’s platform provides.

Basecamp website on laptop

The Website

I went to check out the Basecamp website in hopes that they broke some creative boundaries and expanded upon the branding in an exciting way. I was met with a 90% text-filled website with the new logo slapped on. In fact, some of the website’s images still show the Basecamp platform with its old branding.

Fingers crossed that this means they’re still working to push out a website in the coming days.

Visit the Website

As long as Basecamp continues to offer its exceptional features and functionality, we will happily continue using the program for all of our project management needs.

As for attracting new users, the branding might not make a first impression that does the program justice. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or in Basecamp’s case, its logo.

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