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The better question: Is StoryBrand right for my target audience?

The unique thing about StoryBrand marketing is its focus. Other schools of thought regarding marketing are more about your company and less about your ideal customer.

Despite the popularity of those methods, it’s much more effective to make your strategy all about the customer by addressing them and promising to solve their problem.

Here are 5 reasons to implement the StoryBrand framework:

1. It speaks to your customer without speaking over them.

Your target audience will not respond well to being ignored – it’s just human nature.

StoryBrand begins with defining your target audience and their pain point or points (a.k.a. the issues driving them to seek solutions or their common complaints with other companies providing similar services).

Accurately pinpointing your customer’s pain points is the key to making them feel seen and heard. StoryBrand allows you to position yourself as the one who will listen to them.

2. It creates a clear and concise message your audience can understand.

Long sentences get skimmed over. If your website is full of long-winded paragraphs and cluttered copy, you are missing opportunities to make an impression.

With your target market and pain points as a strong foundation, you can trim the fat on any extraneous information in your marketing material.

StoryBrand hones your brand message in on the essentials – addressing the customer’s problem, extending empathy, and offering a solution.

3. It places the focus on helping your audience instead of bragging about your own accomplishments.

Check your website – do you see the word “we” all over it? If so, you are spending way too much time talking about you and not enough time explaining how you can help them.

Of course, establishing yourself as an authority in your industry is part of the StoryBrand strategy, but it’s all in the angle and timing.

You are not the hero. Your customer is the hero; you are simply their (highly qualified) guide.

4. It builds trust with your audience and justifies the cost of doing business with you.

It’s clear to see how StoryBrand builds this trust:

  • First, you identify your customer’s problem.
  • You show them that you understand their plights and exhibit compassion toward them.
  • Then you establish yourself as a humble authority on the matter.

Place yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you give your money to a company that has made you feel like just another data point?

Or would you rather give it to a company that has appealed to you as an individual and proven themselves trustworthy with testimonials from others just like you?

StoryBrand marketing does this by following the storytelling formula (a hero, a problem, and a guide) that people inherently relate to and love.

5. It sets your organization apart from the crowd.

How is your company different from its competitors? That’s easy – you are your customer’s guide. A hallmark of successful marketing efforts is achieving this without the customer really noticing.

It should feel like a natural progression from “I’m curious about this company’s solution” to “I’m trusting that this company will have my back in the trenches.” The StoryBrand strategy is built for creating this connection.

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