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Yes. Absolutely. Your website needs at least one video to engage audiences, but more is often better. Here are 4 reasons why:

4 Reasons Why Your Website MUST Include Video

1. Stand Out From Competitors

Any company can come up with language to draw customers in, but no one can duplicate YOU. Video content gives you an opportunity to market yourself beyond just words on a screen. A real person, a real voice, a real-life message that moves the needle – that’s what video can do that static text just can’t. No amount of carefully crafted words can replace what you have to say to your customers.

2. Videos generate additional revenue

What if you created videos that answer the most common questions you receive? Not only are you saving time and money by getting ahead of the questions, but your audience is going to trust you more for being up-front in answering their questions. Add videos to your ‘Contact’ or ‘Get a Quote’ pages letting customers know exactly what they can expect when filling out the form. Businesses that have done this have seen form submissions increase by 150%.

3. Humanize Your Brand

Video is a great way to make your brand relatable. Notice how brands like Progressive, State Farm, and others have a personality associated with their brand – and it shows in their video marketing. Consumers start to trust their brand because it is familiar and consistent.

4. Better Experience and Retention

Video adds flavor to site content and helps provide a more robust experience for the consumer. In turn, they may remember your video more than the content they can read. Plus, if they are watching your videos, they’re spending more time on your site, and that’s always a good thing.

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