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Hopkins Roofing was a known commodity for roofing, but was ready to grow after hitting a ceiling in recent years.

Goals for Expanding Services in Residential and Commercial Roofing:

Recognizing the opportunities in both residential and commercial roofing segments in the Des Moines Metro, Hopkins Roofing saw an opportunity to diversify its services and strengthen its presence in the market through:

  • Market Expansion: Offering comprehensive roofing solutions tailored to homeowners' needs, focusing on durability, aesthetics, and value. Leveraging our expertise, we helped them launch a new location and drive sales and revenue to it.
  • Entry into Commercial Roofing: Establishing a foothold in the commercial roofing sector by providing specialized roofing solutions for businesses, emphasizing quality, efficiency, and long-term reliability.
  • Brand Visibility: Increasing brand awareness and visibility in both residential and commercial sectors, positioning Hopkins Roofing as the trusted expert.
  • Lead Generation: Generating a consistent flow of qualified leads and inquiries for both residential and commercial roofing services.

Revamping Their Marketing Strategy:

TwoTone Creative partnered with Hopkins Roofing to assist in their strategic expansion in residential and commercial roofing through:

  • Tailored Marketing Strategies: Creating customized marketing strategies to effectively showcase Hopkins Roofing's expanded services in both the residential and commercial sectors.
  • Enhanced Brand Presence: Strengthening the brand's visibility and positioning in the market through targeted marketing initiatives, focusing on the unique selling propositions of their residential and commercial roofing services.
  • Optimized Digital Presence: Improving the online presence of Hopkins Roofing by revamping their website, implementing SEO strategies, and utilizing digital marketing tactics to attract and engage potential customers.
  • Lead Generation: Implementing lead generation campaigns to drive qualified leads and inquiries, fostering increased business opportunities in both residential and commercial segments.

Results & Achievements

Increase in website traffic and engagement metrics

2022 (Compared to YTD 2021)

increase in website sessions compared to the previous year
increase in website users compared to the previous year

2023 (Compared to YTD 2022)

increase in website sessions compared to the previous year
increase in website users compared to the previous year

Return on Marketing Ad Spend

Average Weekly ROAS in 2023

Big Wins

Through organic marketing strategies, tailored content, and paid promotional campaigns to the Des Moines metro, TwoTone built brand recognition, strengthened market presence, and facilitated a seamless entry into the Des Moines residential and commercial roofing sector.

  • Helped them successfully launch their Des Moines-based location and build their marketing presence through digital and traditional channels.
  • Built out specific location-based landing pages to drive qualified traffic from organic and paid media and executed a robust SEO strategy tailored to the Des Moines metro area, optimizing content for relevant keywords and local search intent.
  • Leveraged Google Local Service ads to prominently display Hopkins Roofing's offerings at the top of Google search results, instantly increasing visibility and generating 230 qualified leads from local prospects at an average cost of $60 per lead.
  • 96% of the time Hopkins Roofing ads were shown at the top of the page in paid search results compared to top competitors in the Des Moines metro, including,,,, and more.


“TwoTone Creative is such a great agency! Everyone on their team cares about delivering high-quality marketing products for my company, but they don’t stop there. They are actively involved in helping build our team’s brand and move people from unaware to curious to closed deals. If you’re looking to hire a marketing agency, call TwoTone Creative!”

Dave HopkinsOwner, Hopkins Roofing

“We started working with TwoTone just over a year ago and they have revolutionized our marketing, branding, and overall presence to our customers and prospects. They are the greatest group of people to work with because they are smart, friendly, responsive, and a company you can really trust with your image. They listen well and take input from us and turn it into world-class content for all to see. They have quickly become one of our most trusted partners and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in today's "influencer" culture. We love Two Tone!”

Roger DeWaardCEO, Hopkins Roofing

“I LOVE working with TwoTone Creative! We have been working with their team for over a year and their services have scaled our business to the next level—strategically and financially. Since we have partnered with TwoTone Creative, we have a lead generating website, digital marketing presence, high-end designs, and much more. I am always amazed with TwoTone's work—it surpasses my expectations every single time. Jenny has also invested her time by mentoring me—she has helped me grow professionally and personally. Her drive and passion for marketing inspires me. Jenny has played a major role in helping me find my voice and transforming our business's marketing strategy.”

Stacy HainesMarketing Manager, Hopkins Roofing
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