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Brand guidelines are clearly defined rules communicating how your brand should be represented to your audience and beyond.

While every product or service in existence has a brand, not every business has taken the time to define their overall look and feel. In doing so, they’d end up with a set of guidelines to help build a brand identity the world can quickly recognize.

There are several benefits to creating a set of brand guidelines, but we'd like to focus on what we believe to be the top three:

1. Consistency

Consistent branding will help your audience better understand your product and services, as well as your personality. As your audience becomes more familiar with you, it's more likely they'll become loyal followers. Furthermore, by consistently using the same brand visuals and voice, you'll not only increase your level of professionalism but also become more credible and trustworthy.

2. Brand recognition

By keeping your visuals and messaging consistent across all consumer touchpoints, you'll begin strengthening your brand recognition and develop a more meaningful relationship with your target audience. No longer will you waste time introducing who you are and what you do since the world will already be familiar with your brand visuals and messaging.

3. Work faster

You’ll discover brand guidelines are not only useful in defining your brand but are also helpful in alluding to what your brand is not. You’ll be steps ahead when the brainstorming begins since so many of your brand standards are already cemented in stone. You’ll also find your agency partner can hit the ground running and make the most efficient use of your agreement. *wink*

4. More Things to Consider:

A common misconception is believing your brand is simply your logo. Let us be the ones to tell you they are much, much more. Here’s a quick list of items you’ll also want to include:

  • Brand Message
    • Brand Mission
    • Brand Story
    • Core Values
    • Tagline
  • Brand personality

It’s okay to be overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead. We’re here to reassure you it can get done, and you’ll have a ton of fun in the process. For starters, we’d encourage you to take a look at how so many brands from all over the globe have chosen to define their brand.

Here’s a link to a great resource:

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