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Regular Baptist Ministries (RBM), a longstanding cornerstone in the independent Baptist community, wanted to improve brand awareness, communication, and cohesion among their many subministries.

Goals for Expanding Reach:

Regular Baptist Ministries wanted to expand their organization’s reach and impact in and through churches across North America and the world. Specifically, they sought to accomplish this through:

  • New Connections: Creating strategies that would help RBM to connect with pastors and ministry leaders across North America, and by supporting struggling/declining churches who could benefit from Regular Baptist Ministries resources.
  • Improved Communication: Effectively communicating the purpose and benefits of fellowship with Regular Baptist Ministries to internal and external audiences.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Increasing brand awareness and visibility of the Regular Baptist Ministries brand, especially among those who may only be familiar with related church associations.
  • Event Promotion: Refining tactics in promoting the RBM Annual Conference, a national event that draws hundreds of people.

Revamping Strategies:

TwoTone Creative partnered with Regular Baptist Ministries to help increase brand awareness through a variety of initiatives:

  • Refreshed Brand: Updated and refreshed primary brands and sub-brands to create a modern, cohesive feel across RBM.
  • Updated Digital Presence: Redesigned website to streamline navigation and create a clearer user experience for navigating RBM offerings. Developed cohesive social media and email strategies to ensure consistent messaging and communication.
  • Renewed Messaging: Established and refined messaging around the purpose of RBM and clarified the unique value proposition of the ministry.
  • New Marketing Initiatives: Revamped marketing strategies and created a new website specifically to promote the RBM Annual Conference.

Big Wins

Through a refreshed brand, new websites and marketing initiatives, and a clearly outlined digital strategy, TwoTone helped RBM to generate new connections to support struggling ministries and increase attendance for their annual conference.

Increased website sessions from 2022-2023
Tickets sold for the 2023 Annual Conference
Increased website users from 2022 to 2023
Users hosted on the 2023 Annual Conference website
Sessions hosted on the 2023 Annual Conference website
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