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In today’s landscape, your presence on social platforms is all about putting your expertise and personality on display in the spaces where your audience can engage with you.

Myth: To succeed on social media, you need thousands of followers.

Too many businesses are missing opportunities with their customers because they think social media is just a numbers game. It’s not.

Fact: You have a website so that customers can see how you meet their needs. You have a social media account so they can see that your organization is alive and thriving.

If you want to stay on top of the surge in social media marketing, you need to create impactful accounts across different platforms.

However, getting started (or restarted) on these platforms can feel daunting.

Here are 3 keys to creating impactful social media for your business:

1. Avoid selling

You’ve been trained in the art of pitching your product or service, but social media posts are not the place for that; if you’re looking to sell something, use ads, not your social posts. If anything, this may drive potential customers away.

Your posts on any platform should showcase your expertise or company culture. Think employee celebrations, company outings, research/articles of value to your audience, and references to resources on your website.

2. Support your target audience

Is your audience asking you the same question every week? Can you answer that question in a post, or encourage others with a similar question to comment or direct message you? Just be sure to keep your word and actually respond to questions.

When your audience feels like you are listening to them (and your competition is not), you win.

3. Have a plan

Authentic posts are the best, but they should have some planning behind them.

Decide what you want your account to be about and execute that with consistency. If you don’t have time to post every day, use scheduling features within the platforms or with apps like Buffer, which allow you to plan a week of posts in advance.

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