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Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re covering all your creative bases.

With an effective creative team, you will have everything taken care of from planning to execution and beyond. Is your team covering it all? The following checklist will help you find out.

Here are 15 areas of focus for your creative team:

  1. Create a content calendar
  2. Update your website regularly
  3. Post consistently on social media
  4. Write and post informative blogs
  5. Proactively audit and create new advertising plans
  6. Edit and boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Create brand guidelines for messaging and design
  8. Review compliance to brand guidelines across all channels
  9. Manage creative assets and share as needed
  10. Build relationships with vendors and manage print orders
  11. Regularly check in on projects and follow up
  12. Create systems to optimize sales and onboarding
  13. Review customer feedback and promote positive reviews
  14. Research new ideas and competitor best practices
  15. Connect with industry trade groups to build brand awareness
Find any gaps in your creative plan?

Get help in one or all of these areas by booking a free 15-minute Discovery Call with TwoTone Creative. We’ll help you make the most of your marketing budget by focusing on what matters.

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