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A marketing partner can turbo-charge everything you’re doing...

...if they are doing what needs to be done to keep you front-of-mind for your audience.

If your organization is embarking on a road trip to a record year, you’re going to need the right fuel, some air in the tires, and a map to get you from where you are to where you want to be (preferably with turn-by-turn navigation – not one of the massive paper atlases folks used to carry around).

TwoTone Creative team meeting in conference room

A team that just keeps on trucking...

What you need is a team that is also fueled up for the road trip you’re on as an organization. You don’t want a partner who will sit quietly in the backseat watching cows out the window. Make sure you find a partner that can use their skills to multiply returns on the work you are doing.

Look for a team that is:


Like a high-performance car on the open road, you need a team that can move at high speed to get you where you want to go.


Make sure you enjoy the people you work with. You’re going to be working with them a lot.


Problems are going to need to be solved along the way. The best marketing partner is a team that loves a good challenge.

Your Agency Checklist

Whether you’re looking for a new design agency or evaluating whether your current partner meets your needs, start with the basics. Your marketing team should be able to help you:

Update your website regularly

You don’t want last year’s information causing drag as you move forward, so make sure that your audience can always find the most relevant information.

Write and post in your voice

Your organization is unique – so your brand voice should be too!

Edit and optimize everything you do for SEO

The web is overloaded with information, so a good team will make sure that your information is easy-to-find to maximize your search results.

Create a content calendar and execute it

If you’re tired of always running behind schedule, find a partner who can map out your journey and hit milestones (without compromising your ETA).

Drive your social media engagement

Make sure that what you post provides value to your audience so they keep coming back (again and again and again).

Create and follow your brand guidelines

You don’t want last year’s information causing drag as you move forward, so make sure that your audience can always find the most relevant information.

Build relationships with your other vendors and internal teams

Marketing isn’t just a bridge between you and your customer. Make sure that your marketing partner also understands who you work with and how to strengthen internal relationships.

Keep projects moving

Roadblocks are bound to appear – a good marketing team will address those issues so your projects reach their destinations as quickly as possible.

Deliver high-impact motion and video content

Your organization is dynamic, so keep your audiences engaged with eye-catching video and animation.

Work seamlessly with your processes

You have systems that you’ve spent time building. Find a marketing team that can work with your workflow so you don’t have to deal with complicated back and forth.

Buckle Up. Hit the Gas.

As you prepare to jump in the fast lane towards this year’s goals, make sure you’ve found the perfect marketing partner (who checks all your boxes). If you need a copilot to help steer your marketing, give us a call to find out how we can help.
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