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WordPress powers 39.5% of the websites on the internet which makes it the most popular content management system (CMS) used today.

Although there are other options out there, none of them come close to matching WordPress when it comes to market-share.

That’s because WordPress gives you everything you need to create anything you want for your digital presence. With WordPress you get flexibility, security, and power that other CMS providers simply cannot match at this time.

At TwoTone Creative, WordPress is our favorite platform for building websites and we firmly believe it is the best CMS out there.

Here’s the rundown of what we love about WordPress:


Freedom - it’s an open source software


Endless customization with different themes and plugins


Website security is a priority


Robust SEO capabilities


Easy to use, but also provides back-end access to the website’s code


Full ownership and control of your website content and files


Community support and helpful online forums


Compatible with the hosting provider of your choice


Can be used for any type of website, including e-commerce


Updates and maintenance are intuitive

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