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Whether you're representing yourself as an individual or a business, your social media presence matters. Gone are the days where you could avoid social media altogether. No matter who you are, people are looking to your social accounts to see if you're interesting and trustworthy. And well-curated social accounts communicate to consumers that you have a brand that they can trust and should partner with.

Accelerated Ad Growth

If you're not advertising on social media, you need to catch up. People are on their phones checking Facebook and Instagram all the time. Ignoring social advertising in lieu of only traditional methods is a fatal flaw. Ads on social media are still rising in popularity, so if you haven't already, now's the time to jump on the bandwagon.

Optimized Facebook ad for Peak8Fitness

Live streaming

People are looking to video more and more. And as an instant-gratification culture, we want to see things in real time. Look forward to live streaming (on a variety of platforms) becoming more prominent

Instagram Stories > Snapchat

Users are going to Instagram over Snapchat to share what's happening in the moment. Unless your specific demographic is super loyal to Snapchat, start telling your stories on Instagram. Plus, if you're already on Instagram (as you should be) it's one less platform to manage.

The Influence of Gen Z 

You've heard the refrain of "Millennials, Millennials, Millennials" for years. Although this demographic is still important, their influence is soon to be surpassed by Gen Z. This younger generation is extremely active on social media accounts and are the new trendsetters. Not only should your content be tailored to attract them, you should also be looking to Gen Zers to see how they're using social media.

Increase in Influencers

You know your favorite bloggers who start using the newest vitamins/skin mask/wallpaper, etc. and you immediately want to buy that product? That's because these individuals are influencers. Oftentimes, companies will pay them or send them products for free in exchange for promoting their products on social media.

Find out the difference between influencers and ambassadors.

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