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It’s not just about generating content that looks good. Have you seen a website recently that looks like it was built when dial-up was the only internet option? Was their logo a pixelated screen-shot copied from Microsoft Paint? Did you buy from that company? We’re guessing you probably didn’t.

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Three ways great creative can drive measurable marketing results:

Done well, creative work can increase sales, grow your brand, and set you on a path of clear communication.
No. 1

Thinking Outside the Box

The creative process involves two things: Thinking and producing. It requires the ability to perceive the world in a new way and generate solutions that people need.

While you may have the product or service everyone needs, if you don’t communicate your value proposition well, you won’t be selling for long. With a talented graphic design team in your corner, your content will go from cookie cutter to hitting it out of the park. Great graphic design work isn’t going to look or feel like anything or anyone else out there.

No. 2

Capturing Your Attention

In today’s digital landscape, brands are being asked to compete for an audience’s attention on more platforms than ever before. There’s a lot of noise out there - are you cutting through it?

Creativity requires insight into people. It’s knowing who they are, where they’re at, what they want, and how your brand can help them get it. Whether it’s an image that will make them stop scrolling, a color they can’t ignore, or typography that helps them visualize a concept, a great design will capture your audience’s attention and put you ahead of the rabble. When you deliver strong content, you’ll gain the ability to connect with visitors on any channel.

No. 3

Making Sense of Information

Stop confusing your customers. You need clear design that will communicate your message boldly and simply. If they see your brand and cannot sum up what you do in a few words, you’ve lost the battle for their attention. 

Great creative work isn’t only about how something looks. It’s also about the message being communicated and how it’s being organized. Good design makes sense of content. A hierarchy of information answers your customers questions in the order they are asking them . When customers understand your message, the results will show it.


At TwoTone Creative, we believe creativity is the strongest variable in marketing.

Top-shelf design is at the heart of everything we do, and we deliver innovative visuals that drive measurable marketing results for our clients. If you’re interested in making sure your marketing dollars are well-spent, schedule a discovery call with us today. We’d love to hear about how you are changing the world for your customers!

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