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When you need brand clarity and cohesiveness, a logo is the first step, but can anyone really put a price on creating a brand?

Logos are the first thing your target audience uses to define and understand who you are as an organization. But how much do you need to spend to get a logo that clearly communicates your identity and brand?

A quick Google search can provide you with logo design services with prices ranging from $5 to $25,000 – along with an equally large variety in the quality of work you can expect from your designer.

There’s a logo out there for you at any budget – Here’s what to expect from each price point:

3 Price Ranges

1. Low Cost - $5 to $2999

Even the lowest price point for logos is a very wide range, and many logo generators and freelancers provide budget options that can suit any business or organization. In the vast majority of cases, a logo within this price range will be of lower quality and is likely less distinctive than a custom-designed one. Here’s what you can expect from a logo in this range:

  • Generic stock-like logo designs
  • Fit for purpose, but lacking in uniqueness
  • A high probability that your logo will look very similar to other organizations

Overall, logo designs within this price range often lack the necessary research and expertise to effectively resonate with your target audience. If you’re looking for a logo that defines your brand identity and differentiates you from competitors, we recommend budgeting outside of this range.

2. Mid-Priced - $3k to $6k

This mid-priced range is typically where you will find more experienced freelancers and smaller design agencies. Within this investment range, there is still a wide spectrum of logo designs you can expect.

At the lower end of this range, most logo designers will provide multiple logo concepts with revisions and may also provide branding guidelines and brand messaging materials to further build a consistent brand.

As you develop a brand for your organization, it’s essential to make sure it is guided by research into the target audience you want to reach and the identity you want to portray. The closer you budget to the higher end of this range, the more you can expect a variety of logo concepts that are creative, well-researched, and encapsulate your organization's identity.

For any organization looking for a logo design or rebranding, we recommend budgeting within this range to ensure the most effective and impactful logo.

3. Premium $10k to 15k +

This premium range might be shocking to some; however, it is common for large agencies specializing in branding to charge this for their services. Budgets for large companies such as KIA, Pepsi, and Instagram, which have all recently rebranded, most likely fall in this range.

But why would an agency charge so much for a logo design? Services within this range provide more than just a logo. Packages also include:

  • A heavy focus on global brand strategy
  • Ample amount of research and strategy, including brand analysis of key competitors and target audience
  • A logo design that encapsulates the brand story, messaging, and target audience

Organizations who tap into this price range know that they are looking for much more than a logo. You may be ready to invest in this range if you are also needing to define a brand story, messaging, target audience, and a logo that captures it all.

Where do we fall in the industry?

TwoTone Creative offers a variety of logo design and branding packages. These packages were created to cover the needs of both new and well-established businesses while still providing high-quality logo design and branding.

What does a TwoTone logo cost?

  • Basic Individual Logo Design at $1,500: Includes 1 logo concept with 2 rounds of revisions.
  • Standard Logo Design with Branding Guidelines at $3,000: Includes 3-4 logo concepts and standard branding guidelines.
  • Executive Logo Design with Branding Guidelines at $5,000: Includes 6-8 logo concepts and extensive branding guidelines.
  • Premium Branding and Messaging Package at $10,000+: Includes 6-8 logo concepts, branding guidelines, brand messaging, and brand story.

We seek to fulfill your logo and branding needs remarkably. For us that means we fall within mid-priced rage while still providing well-researched and unique concepts. Partnering with TwoTone’s logo designers will provide you with reasonable pricing, remarkable results, and an agency-level of strategy and research.

Is your organization looking for a new logo?

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with TwoTone Creative, and together we’ll create remarkable branding that best represents you and your organization.

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