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Chloe Spoonemore

Finance and Administration Director

Chloe is our Finance and Administration Director and works tirelessly to manage the everyday details of our team to keep us on track for success. Her detail-oriented approach makes her the perfect person to manage schedules, keep in touch with clients, and help our office environment run smoothly.

Chloe is passionate about taking the big ideas and goals of others and crafting a detailed plan to help them succeed. She thrives in fast-paced environments where she can collaborate with others, and she’ll be the first to help someone get organized or take initiative on whatever new project comes her way.

Chloe graduated from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she majored in Business Administration and Pre-Law. When she’s not coordinating the everyday details of life at TwoTone, she loves going on hikes, listening to music, attending concerts, and exploring new coffee shops.

"and above all else love"

"We can't help every one, but everyone can help someone." – Ronald Reagan




Times I've cried during the national anthem

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