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People love motion. Our eyes are trained to look for it at all times, and given the choice between the two, we will look for the movement over the static every time.

It’s no surprise that studies show that our retention for information greatly increases when we see something being taught as opposed to just reading it.

Looking for ideas on how to incorporate a little more motion in your marketing? Here are some top-notch ideas:

Social Media

Create something that will generate some buzz with your customers – preferably with captions that get the point across with or without sound (this study shows that the majority of videos on social media are watched without audio).

Logo Animations

Companies are bringing life to their logo in an effort to get you to see and remember. This would be a great option as an opener to an app.

Website Features

Custom icons on your website are great at telling a story to your customers. Customer conversion rates will certainly improve if they are spending more time admiring your website without leaving.


Improving the onboarding experience for a new customer is a surefire way to keep them coming back and telling their friends. Is there a document that new customers receive that could be converted to an animated video?

Landing Pages

The nice thing about animated videos compared to stock photos on your website is that they are much easier to match with your brand. Getting the colors and visuals right in an animation is much easier than trying to find the perfect photo.

Ready to make your marketing move with motion design?

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