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To make the most of your website, you’re going to need at least a few plugins.

But finding the right solution for your need can be difficult. Will this install cause a security risk? Will it do what I need it to do? Is this the best product for the price?

We are all about sharing our knowledge to make your life better. Here is our completely unsponsored and unbiased opinion on the best plugins that we use every day.

Duplicate Page

Clone pages and posts with the click of a button.

Gravity Forms

Create user friendly forms with endless customization and tracking features.

Insert Headers and Footers

Add custom code to your site, from Google Analytics tracking, custom CSS, Facebook pixels, and more!

Popup Maker

Create popups that convert your users into leads.


Manage all website redirects in one easy location.


Improve your search feature and track the keywords your users are searching for.

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed

Display your Instagram feed on your website.


Compress and optimize images to improve your site speed.

WP Notification Bars

Responsive announcement bar that displays at the top of your website.

Yoast SEO

Optimize your site content to rank well on search engines.

Is what you need not listed here?

Book a Discovery Call today and let’s talk about a potential solution. If we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can.

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