Easter Premium Package


  • Easter Branding for marketing to visitors
  • Easter Invitation design for members to invite others with
  • Easter Sunday Sermon Series branding
  • Facebook Event creation for Easter Sunday services
  • Create 3 Posts & 3 Stories on Instagram and Facebook
  • Custom Email Design + Promotion
  • Script for video of senior pastor or worship leader inviting people
  • Pop-up Banner Design
  • Poster Design
  • Outdoor Signage Design
  • Handout to give immediately after service with the next step for visitors
  • Sermon Series Design for Good Friday
  • Facebook Event for Good Friday
  • Custom Bumper Video for promotion and/or Easter
  • Photo Backdrop design for congregation to take photos
  • Mailer Design to send out to neighborhood
  • 5 additional print or digital items you need designed
  • Manage Google / Facebook / Instagram Ads (Ad spend not included)