HAI’s goal is to be the one-stop shop for all apartment hunters in the Houston area. The problem is that every individual apartment complex wants to snag the renters themselves.

There are numerous benefits to using a service like HAI, and we needed to communicate that clearly and efficiently. We did so by allowing the users to browse their needs—neighborhood or style—with the final call to action encouraging contacting HAI directly.

We also designed a custom map of the Houston neighborhoods to put those searchers less familiar with the area at ease.

In addition to creating HAI’s website, we designed their logo, marketing collateral, and business cards so that their look would be consistent and recognizable across the Houston area.

After the website redesign, Houston Apartment Insiders was awarded Best Website in their field at a national industry conference. And that makes us really happy.


Branding and Website Design



What We Did

Branding, including color scheme, logo, and business card design. Print design, including a custom map of the Houston neighborhoods and an accompanying brochure. Website redesign.

HAI won an award for Best Website Design in their industry at a national conference.

Houston Apartment Insiders website before and after