A powerful design and communications team dedicated to your church

The commitment of an in-house team with the excellence of a creative agency

Church communication is hard. Or at least that’s what we’ve been told.

Every week you’ve probably got 2-3 volunteers helping put together slides, handouts, church-wide emails, etc. All of this is done on a rushed timeline and is probably being managed by someone who has other responsibilities.

TwoTone exists to help you make the most of everything your congregation sees, and to make it look easy. After more than 10 years working in and with churches, we know what it takes to develop clear, compelling, and consistent design week in and week out.

If you are looking for someone that understands the mission of your church, can work within your fast-paced weekly schedule, and can take ownership of projects from beginning to end – book a discovery call with us today to see how we can help.

Say goodbye to:

  • Bland design that doesn’t communicate your message clearly
  • One overwhelmed staff member trying to do it all and still meet the needs of your congregation
  • Feeling insecure and unmotivated by your church’s image
  • Unreliable freelancers and volunteers
  • Having great ideas for graphics, sermon illustrations, or anything artistic, but not having someone creative to bring them to life

Say hello to:

  • The freedom of knowing church events, announcements, and mission are being communicated to everyone (even those outside your church)
  • Experienced designers who have worked with churches and can share best-practices
  • Remarkable design that clarifies your church’s mission and displays alignment across ministries
  • Relational designers that are available, invested, and understand your needs
  • Resourceful innovators that are flexible, proactive, and efficient

How to work with TwoTone


Schedule a call with our Creative Director, Jenny Cross to discuss your current needs and how TwoTone can best support your mission.


Once we have assessed the need, we will connect our team with your church and set a cadence for working together.


Our team creates custom content for you: Design, messaging, marketing collateral, digital design, and more.


With each project, we make your brand better than ever. You’ll be ready to visually showcase your content.

Book a Discovery Call

TwoTone is an energetic, high-quality, high-value company that, in essence, extends our staff capability and expertise in a way that we couldn't do on our own. They make a real effort to understand us and how they can best represent who we are while doing excellent job in maintaining consistent and high quality content through our various forms of communication. They have exceeded our expectations and have consistently provided quality work on time. Jenny and her team are great to work with and they provide a valuable service to our organization - we highly recommend them!

Dave KuntzmanExecutive Pastor

Our team felt not only taken of with design and technology, but also felt like TwoTone knew who we are as an organization and designed our logo and website according to our culture. They balanced the line of being professional yet extremely personable perfectly. I would absolutely recommend TwoTone.

Zack BarkerWorship Pastor, Calvary Church of the Palisades

We've had a great experience working with TwoTone! They are quick to respond and are great at receiving feedback. They work above and beyond, presenting multiple options for us to choose from until it's exactly what we want. So thankful for this team!

Kaycie HanlinMinistry Assistant

TwoTone has revolutionized our communications department. The team has been a joy to work with and works incredibly hard for our organization. I was surprised at their promptness and attention to detail for every project we threw at them, as well as their ability to generate ideas of how we could do more! I would highly recommend TwoTone to anyone looking to take their communications department to the next level, especially if you don't have the on-site staff to handle it. Worth. Every. Penny!

Brent ThomasWorship & Creative Arts Pastor

After working with TwoTone now for over a year, we would give them our highest recommendation for enabling us to totally transform and update our logo, printed media, website, email service, and social media presence. The team members are diligent, creative, responsive, and welcoming of feedback right up until the projects are completed. TwoTone has now become a necessary, as well as exceptional resource for us.

David BorrorMinistry Administration

Clients we have served

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Don’t I need someone in-house?

    We continue to surprise our clients from all across the country with our ability to plug into their mission without being on-site. Our unique project management system, which you will be directly connected to, allows us to communicate quickly, efficiently, and routinely to make sure your needs are met and your mission is advanced.

    What if I don’t use all of my hours in a month?

    We’ve got ideas. Our team is proactive and experienced in working with churches. During our weekly discussions, if you think you are going to have extra time – we will put it to good use with updates to your website, social media presence, or existing design pieces. We are proactive so you can grow.

    How do I know I need a design/communications team?

    Do any of these sound like your church? If so, we can help.

    • In a rush every week to get everything organized for weekly services
    • Struggling to communicate consistently and effectively
    • Not utilizing social media or being timely in updating website

    What happens if we use more hours than budgeted in a given month?

    We will work with you through the busy seasons. We don’t surprise clients with hidden fees or upcharges, and we will communicate early and often so that you know what to expect every month.

    Okay, I'm interested...what's next?

    Schedule a no-pressure call with us so we can work together to develop your next steps.
    Book a Discovery Call