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Erin Carew

Digital Marketing Analyst

Erin helps our clients turn social media into something much more than something that is just “social.” She specializes in creating a strategy for this vital communication tool – one that elevates engagement and creates audience connection and elevates brand awareness.

Originally from Clear Lake, Iowa, Erin attended the University of Northern Iowa where she majored in marketing with an emphasis in advertising and digital media, and minored in interactive digital studies. Erin loves the endless possibilities social media offers. She enjoys staying on top of new trends and personalizing them specifically for all types of brands.

Outside of work, Erin likes to cook, go on trips with friends, and spend time outdoors (usually on a walk or golfing) with her loved ones.

Take everything in stride.

“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”
—Alice Morse Earle




Minimum amount of tries it takes for me to park straight within the lines

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