Your ideal client found your website. [insert happy dance!]

Now what? Is your copy clear? Are your visuals right? Can they jump into your sales funnel and be taken where you want them to go?

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Very recently, I tried to book a flight for my family with an airline I typically don’t fly on. Their process was easy enough, but I couldn’t figure out how to purchase additional checked bags.

You know what happened?

I spent so much time trying to figure out their website that I snapped back to my senses and realized I didn’t want to go on the trip. The airline lost my business, and I saved a ton of money.

This is the problem for so many websites.

What should be the oil in your sales engine is actually the gunk that keeps potential customers stuck on the side of the road. As they’re anxiously waiting, your competitor comes to their rescue.

When your audience is considering working with you, is your website easing their feelings of resistance or making them worse?

Your web presence needs to shift gears (there’s that car analogy again) at all the right times if you want to take your audience on the road trip they’ve been dreaming of.

Accomplishing this is all about getting those friction points out of the way:

Do I trust this business?
Can they solve my problem?
Will my life be better?
What’s the process?
Jenny Cross and the TwoTone Creative team have been creating websites that work for over 10 years.

Having worked in various industries and across different sales platforms, they know a Cadillac from a clunker when it comes to websites. Actual cars on the other hand, not so much.

An in-depth review of your website by Jenny and her team can show you what you might otherwise be missing, and give you the feedback you need to fine tune or rebuild your homepage.

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Behind everything we create, there is a process.

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Jenny will come prepared, having poured over your online channels, she will use every minute of the one hour call to deep dive into your brand: website, social media, your brand, marketing, copywriting, and email campaigns.

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Leave with clear action steps, clarity, and confidence

While on the call, Jenny will be giving real-time feedback and ideas. You can get all your questions answered. After the call, we will send you a recap of what we discovered and any action items we recommend you take, listed in order of priority.

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