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The StoryBrand Framework is a marketing tool that takes what you do best and puts it in words your target audience will understand.

StoryBrand gives you the step-by-step process to create a marketing message that cuts through the noise and grows your business.

What is StoryBrand?

Created by author and business owner, Donald Miller, StoryBrand is based on two fundamental principles:

  • Everyone is a hero in their own story.
  • Every hero has a guide who helps them reach their full potential.

When you stop and think about how this plays out in almost every great movie or book, you’ll begin to see it everywhere. Here’s the plot to most of these stories:


  • Hero has a problem.
  • Hero meets a guide with a plan.
  • Hero uses that plan to solve their problem.
  • Hero lives happily ever after.

Applying this to marketing, your goal is to communicate your understanding of the customer’s problem, and how you can give them the plan to eventually live happily ever after. 

The problem with most current marketing messaging is that it fails to hit on these four plot points in one way or another. Without a complete story for the customer to grab onto, they ultimately turn to another guide with a different plan.

The best part in all this? You don’t have to be the hero anymore. It’s not about your awards and accomplishments. Those are great, but what your customer really cares about is how you can help them solve THEIR problem. Fortunately for you both, that’s why you exist, right?

How to get started with StoryBrand?

Stories need scripts, and that’s where the StoryBrand BrandScript comes in. To clearly identify the main components of how your business helps your customers win. In our experience, developing a BrandScript is the single biggest driver for improved business growth – often because simply creating a BrandScript can clarify what matters and what doesn’t in your business.


Who is your ideal customer and what do they want?


What internal, external, and philosophical problems do they have?


What’s your 3-step process to solving the problem, and what can you promise your customer?


This is you! What do you have to offer your customer in terms of authority or empathy?


What does your customer need to do now? If they're not ready yet, what should they do?


What do your customers say about working with you? How has their life improved?


What will happen if they don’t use your plan to solve the problem?


What’s changed from start to finish?

Not sure how to implement all of this?

We’ve got a plan to solve that problem!

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with us. We’ll talk through your projects, goals and pain points and we’ll help you identify your best next step.

During a 1-hour StoryBrand Call, we’ll work together to identify the key elements of your story and define your unique BrandScript.

Clarity achieved! With your BrandScript in hand, you’ll know exactly what to say at every level of your business - on your website, on social media, and in your advertising (and we’ve got a plan for all of those too!).

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