TwoTone Creative is a design agency that specializes in creating logo designs for individuals and corporate clients.

Our mission is to create customized logos and branding that match your vision and style.
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If you’re still unsure of how we can help you give your business a boost, take a look at some of the following advantages of a good business logo:

Legitimizing your business and making it look professional

A good-looking and professional business logo creates a good first impression and makes your business seem genuine and reliable. With a professional business logo, your client is more likely to have confidence in your business, regardless of how established it is.

Has a positive effect on sales and increases your customer base

The aim of a good logo ultimately is to capture the attention of a larger customer base. The result of attracting more customers is, naturally, increasing sales. So, the better the logo, the better a chance your business will have to succeed.

Being different from your competition

You probably already know that one of the most important things you can do for your business is to make your customers understand how you and your products or services differ from your competitors’. A logo can help you achieve that — your branding should be your mission statement, showing what your business is all about and how you differ from similar businesses.

Giving your marketing a boost

By placing your recognizable logo everywhere, you are boosting your marketing activities in a positive way. A good logo goes a long way to making your brand pervasive and establishing your firm presence on the market.

If you’re interested in boosting your business’ corporate identity and making your clients go ‘wow!’ each time they see your logo, we are happy to be of service. We can offer a range of different design options that are certain to call attention to your business. Whether your company is new or old or you operate from a fancy office or your garage, we have a range of solutions for you. We will be able to make your business look reputable and professional.

On top of our design knowledge and expertise, we are also committed to providing the best possible customer service to all of our clients. We listen to our clients’ needs, make sure we get you what you’re looking for and we do it all with a smile. If you happen to need clarification or assistance after the logo design is executed, we are at your disposal.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a logo cost?

    We quote logo design per project.

    How long does it take before I can see the first logo designs?

    We normally like to have 1-2 weeks to provide the first draft of designs. However, if you’re on a tight turnaround, we can make something work.

    Have you designed logos for my industry?

    It’s likely! We’ve worked with everyone from lawn care to jewelry to engineers and rock bands.

    What exactly do I receive during the course of the project?

    You will receive 4-5 logo options to review in a logo presentation document. From there, we will make revisions on your 2 favorite logo designs and get them polished to your liking. Once a logo has been chosen, you will be given various logo files (.jpg, .png, .ai, etc) for your use as well as a branding guidelines document that includes fonts and a color palette that compliments your logo.

    Do I own the rights to the logo files?

    Yes, you own all rights to your logo files. We only ask that we can use the work we’ve done in our own personal portfolio online.

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