Harvest Bible Chapel


Website and App Design, and Branding

What We Did

Custom SquareSpace Website, Branding Design, Print Collateral, Online Marketing


Harvest Bible Chapel brand is bold, clean, and strong. TwoTone built off the existing brand identity to create sub-brands for the 20s ministry, membership, students groups, and more.


The biggest project to tackle was creating a website that was user-friendly on the front-end and could easily be changed and edited as needed on the back-end. The custom SquareSpace template TwoTone built integrates a variety of complex features, like filtered media, and utilizes an accordion-style layout to hide large blocks of copy to keep the site clean.


Harvest wants to easily communicate with newcomers and members alike. We created an app that would allow anyone to view upcoming events; see ministry updates; listen, watch, and read sermons and other resources; as well as donate online.


As Harvest has events, TwoTone helps to promote and inform members through targeted visuals and consistent branding. Through social media management and a weekly bulletin, we make certain that all opportunities for involvement are well-designed and clearly presented.