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A Love for the Craft

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Happy Valentines Day!
What a perfect excuse to share why Jenny and I started this business—um, because we love it!

Having your own business is a lot of work. There have been many late nights, early mornings, Grande coffees, and tornado messes on our desktops—virtually and physically. But when those stressful moments come, I remind myself that TwoTone was built from scratch by Jenny and I entirely out of a love for the craft! With the pressure comes much satisfaction.

One of the most well known photographers of our day is Brandon Stanton. Brandon flunked out of a finance degree, and allowed his love for photography to lead him instead. He started a blog named HONY (Humans of New York). The focus of his blog is on photo portraits of regular people that Brandon snaps on the street.  Each post includes a photo coupled with quotes and short stories from men, woman and children all over New York. Over the years I found myself fascinated, heartbroken, and joyful over the stories he tells through his photo blog! Below is a classic example:

Stanton took his media of choice and hit the streets with love for the craft and a perseverance to succeed.
Like Stanton, we may have flunked out of finance had we tried, but in the area of color, composition, or perfectly arranged type there is plenty of ambition where we are concerned! There is a sweet satisfaction at the end of each project. When it comes to a freshly printed booklet, or published website that is easy to navigate, captivating to read and delicious to look at–we’re simply in love!

So in the name of Valentine’s Day, we are here to say we LOVE what we do!

Life is too short to not to use the gifts God has given to each one of us. Here’s to all of those out there doing what you love <3

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